Sunday, 16 October 2011


Cake. That is all.

Made by a very clever friend of Mama Robinson here in all her glory is a cake version of Helga. She tasted delicious. A very wonderful 30th birthday cake indeed. 

papergirls and paperboys

Another lovely day out for Helga which we've been miserably slow posting about was back at the end of August when she helped the Project Club with their Paper Girl Newcastle event.

Paper Girl, for those not in the know, is a truly lovely little little art give-away. In the style of American paper-boys, rolled up pieces of art (submitted for free by artists and designers) are distributed, by bicycle to passers-by across the city. Our job, alongside the very nice folks from The TeaShed, was to help feed and water the hungry cyclists mid way through their mission.

The Newcastle version, which started with complimentary breakfasts at The Settle Down Cafe and finished with bike decorating at Hey, Baby Chief Panda, was organised by the rather wonderful Carlos Rosati of The Cloud Commission and has been very nicely documented over several blog posts, including those by our lovely chum Victoria McParlin (lady illustrator extraordinaire) and the dapper chaps at Novel Magazine, who have put together this wonderful video. 

continental style

Jeeez, it's been a while. It's mid October and there's still no blog posts about all the lovely things Helga got up to this summer. Where has all that time gone!? Rather than type a ramble of where we went*, what we did** and what saw*** here are a few photos from the trip. Enjoy x

*  the sleepy little town of Verchoque in Nord-Pas de Calais, Metz, Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Bruxelles and Brugge.
**stayed a week with J's family in a big old farmhouse and properly chilled out. Spent the following week bombing around Europe with Helga.
*** Some amazing countryside, architecture and caravans - and pretty much all of it by bike.
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