Friday, 12 July 2013

New beginnings

I’ve often heard people talking about how they get up early to write their blog. Every time I’ve heard it I’ve thought ‘Good for you, you must be very disciplined, not something I could do though…’ They’ve usually said it after hearing me grumble that I never get time to blog anymore, which, to be fair, I’ve become really quite lax about. Well, look at me today! Up (at 6:15am) with the larks and the first thought on my mind was this wee blog. That’s not exactly true. First thought was ‘I should really start a blog about our new house*’ but I know I'd never keep up with it. Second thought 'just blog about it on Travelling for Pleasure'. Third thought was ‘but it doesn’t fit the theme’, this blog’s about caravans and happy holidays. And I’ve always tried to keep it that way. But maybe that’s what’s limiting my updates, duty to the genre, and lack of time to enjoy caravans and holidays…) or at least it’s a contributing factor. I’m often wanting to blog about my day (I have an awesome day job, I meet so many talented and brilliant people, see some amazing work and get to travel across England lots) and I’m always going to set up a blog to boast about how good it is, but never actually get around to it. In hindsight this is a good thing - here is a(n edited) list of all the domains I’ve bought/blogs I’ve set up accounts for intending to dutifully post to with regularity –

  • A tea and cake caravan business
  • A blog to catalogue all the amazing people in my life
  • My illustration (x about 5)
  • The Super Fun Art Club
  • Whining about stuff
  • Number spotting game
  • Date Night Reviews

And there are many, many more, usually hinged around a specific event (like a wedding or turning 30).

This morning’s epiphany was, (shamefully something I’m always telling other’s to do) ‘why not just have one blog, where you’ve developed an interested audience, and build on it?’ I’ll admit this is a little late in the day, but I’m going to give it a go. Travelling for Pleasure is now going to be as much about coming home (and enjoying our home) as it is about trekking across the Pennines, the dales and beyond, visiting awesome cities, seeing brilliant work and of course caravans and holidays. I’m sure there’ll be some readers who switch off but I’m hoping there are some who stick with me for the ride. I’ll need to do a little tidying up of the design but it’s probably due a lick of paint anyway... right off to do some real life decorating (after a little rest in the garden – getting up early is somewhat tiring…) Happy Saturday folks. J

Our little garden

The new pad

*the new house is amazing. I’m not sure I will ever leave it…
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