Monday, 4 April 2011

Just like Jack, we’re On The Road…

Helga the Scandi-van

Saturday 5th march 2011
Westfield Farm

Our very first caravan outing. We opted to take Helga in all her pre-refurbished 1980s glory, mainly due to Liberty being not quite ready but also to spend some much needed quality time with Helga (a bitter winter has meant she’s been quite neglected of late). She did a fine job. To provide some moral support and ‘some on the job training’ Ma and Pa (and Margaret, their dog) came along for the trip. As longstanding members of the Caravan Club, they were also kind enough to research and book the site – a little Certified Location (CL) just a mile or so west of Seahouses and about 3 miles south of Bamburgh. We set off about noon from my parents house in County Durham and arrived at Westfield Farm a little after 2pm. The site was perfect - cute and quiet, occupied by only two other vehicles (and thee billy goats). It didn’t take too long to settle in, with Pa showing J the ropes.

Turns out there’s not much going on of a Saturday night in Seahouses so we opted for a take away supper of chips and curry sauce. 

Thankfully the weather’s been very kind, it’s been a bit nippy but the sun has been out for most of the weekend – it does mean J’ll have to wait until our next adventure to hear the drumming of rain on the roof. We had no problems packing her all up for home - all done and dusted an about a half hour. Can’t wait for outing no.2…  

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