Friday, 24 June 2011

Helga goes to Kielder

Our pitch: Woodland 41
Last weekend we took Helga to Kielder for a few days. We knew the weather forecast was for rain, lots of it, but we weren't perturbed. We knew we'd be mainly in the caravan finishing off a few things here and there, sewing curtains, painting the bathroom, etc, so we went expecting rain and expecting to be indoors *most* of the time. What we weren't expecting, were thousands and thousands of midges. 
We'd read in the Caravan Club book (yep, we're now officially members) to be prepared for midges during the summer but we really weren't prepared for the masses that greeted us on arrival nor the hundreds that managed to creep through closed windows - it was like something from a Hitchcock film. But we survived, thanks to Jungle Formula (and Jonathon's foresight to bring it). 
Saturday the rain cleared a little and we spent the day wandering around the lake and seeking out some of the art work. Kielder has an amazing art and architecture programme, including work by James Turrell, sixteen*(makers) and Simparch. My favourite piece is Freya's Cabin by Studio Weave. The story of Freya and Robin is really lovely and I left feeling inspired to do some illustrations based around their tale.
Midges aside, we had a really lovely, relaxing time at Kielder and I would definitely recommend a visit, the landscape is beautiful, the staff are super friendly, there's loads to do and there's a a cute little pub:)on site. Only, if you're camping, we'd suggest you arrive at Kielder before 6pm and to stay in your caravan until mid morning. Oh, and arm your self with some formula... 

Life saving stuff, Jungle Formula insect repellent

The very beautiful Freya's Cabin, Kielder

The Ironing Centre (expect no less of a 4* caravan site)

Making curtains

What caravans are made for


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