Sunday, 19 February 2012

Carry on, caravanners.

This morning is beautiful. I’m typing this in a cute little caravan park in the Yorkshire countryside, just north of Leeds. The windows are open, the sun is shining and there are some birds serenading us as we settle in to the morning with coffee and porridge. Hurray for ‘open all year’ caravan parks. 

This weekend is Helga’s first outing of the year, it seems like ages since our last caravanning jaunt. Probably because it is. Our last proper posts are from the European mini road-trip back in the summer. There’s so much that’s happened since then. 

In the shell of a nut, J was offered a job in Spain, which he accepted, meaning lots of (not so) glamorous trips to see each other travelling via the skies, usually by means of easyjet. I turned thirty (I have to write it out, I don’t like to see it in number format) and started a blog about thirty things to do when I turned thirty. And then there was Christmas. Lovely Christmas.  

Quite importantly, we also got engaged (on my birthday) which led to J coming home for good and lots of (well, some) planning for our wedding, bringing me back to today and the stimulus for our weekend in Yorkshire. In about thirty minutes we’ll be setting off for Harrogate to the Vintage Wedding Fair to scope out ideas and suppliers for the big day.

The folks who own this site are truly lovely. They’re old school countryside lovely, like a charming shop-keeper or farmer from a Milly Molly Mandy story. So nice in fact, that it’s made me want to shout about them, tell other caravanners what a lovely stay we’ve had here. We’ve stayed at some super (and some not quite so super) sites over the past couple of years but I’ve never felt compelled to review them before. Which led me to thinking a bit more about the purpose of this blog. We’re very much the tripadvisor type travellers, checking reviews before we book a hotel or buy something so why not help others out with a review or two on the places we’ve visited. The next few blog posts will be us playing catch up on the review front. Hope it’s useful. 

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