Thursday, 24 May 2012

Helga and The Nomadic Village

For the next two weeks Helga will spending  some time on the company of 35 international artists as part of The Nomadic Village, an artist residency produced in collaboration with Isis Arts and Klaus Maehring. Here's a bit more info on the project, taken from Isis's website

From 21 May to 3 June 2012, County Durham is housing a village within a town, when a 'Nomadic Village' of over 30 international artists makes its temporary home in Wolsingham. The artists are living and working in camper vans, caravans, marquees, a converted police bus and even an adapted milk float based at the Desmesne Mill Picnic Area in Wolsingham. The 10-day project provides space for professional artists working in a variety of mediums to live and work, engage and interact with the local community and produce work that responds to the location and situation. At the end of the Village, on Friday 1 June, there will be a public exhibition, and during the Village there will be open afternoons for the local residents to visit the artists at work.

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