Monday, 15 September 2014

A different direction

Is it a change that's as good as a rest? Or a rest that's equivalent to change? I can never remember. Either way, we've embraced both. The changes? Firstly, I'm not blogging solo anymore, (the good Mr Devitt has offered to contribute) and secondly we've made the decision to expand our adventures outside of caravanning (I think I may have hinted at that last year, but anyway, now it's definitely happening).  

It's been just under 14 months since the last entry and a lot has happened since then. So, to say it was a rest isn't quite truthful, but it was certainly a break from blogging. We've settled in to our new(ish) digs, picked up some new skills (like learning how to grow our own vegetables) and done a fair bit of travelling. Whilst we've travelled we've gleaned information, advice and recommendations from across the web (trip advisor, airbnb, Facebook, Twitter and blogs aplenty). We've rinsed all the threads. And on our return, we figured it was time we gave something back, be it a recommendation for this, a review of that or a helpful hint, we're gonna blog about it.

Getting back on the blog-horse has proven tricky. The commitment to posting regularly, as any blogger will know is daunting. We're not promising that this will become a lifestyle blog ("phew!!") but it is our small attempt to give something back, somewhere we can share our experiences, likes and dislikes and which some folks might hopefully, in some small way, find inspiring, useful or (and I'm pushing it here) entertaining. So here goes, entry #1 (or #35 if you've kept count since 2011) Toronto in 24 hours...


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